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Patient Journal App - A New, Free Resource to Help with a Hospital Stay

Announcing the Josie King Foundation's latest project- the Patient Journal App. This is a free tool that patients and their families can use to record important information related to a hospital stay on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Anybody can downl... Read More

A Race to Change - Focus on Medication Safety

Having recently returned from the 2009 ASHP Midyear meeting, I find myself more focused on the importance of medication safety than ever before. I had the opportunity to attend the Opening Session given by charismatic actor Dennis Quaid (yes, the actor... Read More

The Internet and Email: Useful Tools or Time Bandits?

I use the internet and email every day. I have both on my cell phone because no matter where I am, I want to stay connected. Thank goodness for the internet and all the wonderful websites that provide me with most of the information I need to succeed d... Read More

2009 Leadership Retreat - A Run Away Success

The 2009 ICHP Leadership Retreat took place November 13-15 at the Allerton Park and Retreat Center in Monticello, Illinois. Over 40 leaders from across the state, including one Wisconsin resident (me), took part in this highly successful event. The ... Read More

Updating ICHP's Strategic Plan

President Karpinski has provided a comprehensive summary of the 2009 ICHP Leadership Retreat held at Allerton Conference Center outside Monticello, Illinois. For those of you who have never visited the conference center, it is a pleasant surprise to... Read More

Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) Comes Alive!

There’s a band I enjoy listening to both on my iPod and in person. Their name is Cowboy Mouth. They’re not a headliner, platinum record type group but one that plays smaller venues like the House of Blues, a lot of University campuses, and ... Read More

Inaugural Address

Before I begin, I would like to take a moment of silence to remember those ICHP members, friends and family we have lost this year. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.It is with great honor and humility that I stand before you today as the 46th Pre... Read More

Six Degrees of Separation

The concept has been around believe it or not since 1929. That is the concept that anyone on earth is separated by no more than five other people from any other person on earth. Take for example Hu Jintao, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Ch... Read More

Making Life-Long Friends Through ICHP

In last month’s article, I referred to all the great things that being an ICHP member has done for me. But I forgot one of the most important things…meeting my best friend Beth Barker. It all started about 8 years ago. Iwas attending a... Read More

ICHP Election Results

The fall 2008 election results are in and as no surprise, Todd Karpinski has been elected ICHP’s next President and will be installed in September of 2009. He will serve as President-elect immediately.Other results include:Mike Weaver Treasure... Read More

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