• Tamkeen Abreu
  • Brian Cryder
  • Julie Downen
  • Don Ferrill
  • Heather Harper
  • Bernice Man
  • David Martin
  • Kathryn Schultz
  • Hailey Soni
  • Ehsan Tavassoli


  • Antoinette Cintron
  • Katelyn Conklen
  • Christopher Crank
  • Clara Gary
  • Megan Hartranft
  • Carol Heunisch
  • Milena McLaughlin
  • Kushal Shah


  • Amy Boblitt
  • Lara Ellinger
  • Mary Ann Kliethermes
  • Huda Marie Kuttab
  • Bryan McCarthy
  • Gary Peksa
  • Jared Sheley
  • Karin Terry


  • Fatima Ali
  • Pete Antonopoulos
  • Jennifer Arnoldi
  • Brian Hoff
  • Abby Kahaleh
  • Oksana Kucher
  • Bernice Man
  • Janene Marshall
  • Ed Rainville
  • Colleen Simmons


  • Colleen Czerniak
  • Liz Gorski
  • Erika Hellenbart
  • Antoine Jenkins
  • Zahra Khudeira
  • Mary Lee
  • Kyle Mays
  • Megan Metzke

Selection Criteria

  • Must be an ICHP member in good standing who has shown increased initiative as an ICHP Champion or committee member over the past year.
  • Candidates cannot win 2 years in a row.
  • This award may be given to an unlimited number of members per year.
  • Winners may be nominated by ICHP staff members and members of the ICHP Board of Directors.
  • Winners may be on the Board of Directors, as long as they meet all of the other criteria for the award.
  • Candidates cannot nominate themselves for the award.
  • Nominations for the Shining Star Award will be solicited via verbal announcement at the June Board Meeting.
  • Nominees will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and winners will be chosen via final vote from the ICHP Board of Directors.
  • Winners will be announced by name and asked to stand during the annual meeting awards banquet and receive a paper certificate. They will also receive name recognition in KeePosted following the meeting.