Marketing Affairs Division

Division of Marketing Affairs

The Division of Marketing Affairs is responsible for developing and maintaining programs to support current membership and recruit new members. We also act as a liaison to local affiliates and coordinate communications and selected activities directed toward the general public and health professionals. If you are interested in assessing the current needs of our membership or have ideas for how to support or grow our membership, consider joining Marketing Affairs. The Division of Marketing Affairs meets every third Tuesday of the month at 8:00 am via conference call.

Responsibilities of the Division of Marketing Affairs

  1. Perform an annual membership needs assessment.
  2. Recruit and retain membership for the ICHP.
  3. Assist Regional Directors in the development of  local affiliates.
  4. Interpret principles and ethics of the Council.
  5. Market ICHP initiatives to target audiences.
  6. Coordinate communication regarding publications, training programs, and educational programs. 
  7. Organize membership drives in conjunction with ASHP membership drive.
  8. Reviews and revises as necessary application form for membership.