• 2022 Scott Drabant
  • 2021 David W. Martin
  • 2020 Bernice Y. Man
  • 2019 Christopher W. Crank
  • 2018 Kathryn Schultz
  • 2017 Carrie Vogler
  • 2016 Ann Jankiewicz
  • 2015 Desi Kotis
  • 2014 Jennifer Ellison
  • 2013 Linda Fred
  • 2012 Carrie Sincak
  • 2011 Jennifer Phillips
  • 2010 Jaime Borkowski
  • 2009 Kathy Komperda
  • 2008 Trish Wegner
  • 2007 Todd Karpinski
  • 2006 Jim Dorociak
  • 2005 Carrie Sincak
  • 2004 Nicole Allcock/Panita Luangkesorn
  • 2003 Steve Marx
  • 2002 Scott A. Meyers
  • 2001 Holly McMaster
  • 2000 Jackie Kessler
  • 1999 Brian Kawahara/Jan Keresztes
  • 1998 Char Hunt
  • 1997 Brian Kawahara
  • 1996 Brad Blackwell
  • 1995 Nan Lundquist
  • 1994 Carol Aldred
  • 1993 Edna Dooley
  • 1992 Mike McEvoy
  • 1991 Terry S. Smith
  • 1990 Kevin Colgan
  • 1989 Jan Keresztes/Starlin Greatting
  • 1988 Mary Lynn Moody/John Snyder
  • 1987 Sue Tedesco
  • 1986 Scott A. Meyers
  • 1985 Lee Simon/Dave Vogel*
  • 1984 James Coarse
  • 1983 Dennis Tribble
  • 1982 Clyde Buchanan
  • 1981 St. Mary Louise Degenhart


Selection Criteria

The President’s Award recognizes a member of the Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists for contributions to the Council that are considered above and beyond the normal for a volunteer member.  These contributions may be on behalf of the Council or pharmacy in general and may be made at the local, state or national level.  The President of ICHP has the sole responsibility of the selection of the recipient of the award and should complete the selection process approximately one month prior to the ICHP Annual Meeting.  The President may select any member regardless of membership category as the recipient of this award.

The award is presented by the President at the ICHP Annual Meeting in an appropriate setting that will provide a maximum of recognition for the recipient and their contributions.  The President will notify the ICHP office staff of his/her decision so that the appropriate award may be procured.  The President shall also notify the recipient in advance to ensure that the recipient is present for the presentation ceremony unless it can be guaranteed that the recipient will be present through some other mechanism.

The President’s Award recipient will also be recognized with all other ICHP award recipients in the issue of the KeePosted that immediately follows the Annual Meeting.  A copy of the award presentation text will be provided to the recipient so that their achievement may also be recognized by their employer.