• 2023 Jessica Mann
  • 2022 Glen J. Gard
  • 2021 Annexiea Buford
  • 2020 Richard Puccetti
  • 2019 Becky Ohrmund
  • 2018 Dylan Marx
             Vera Kalin
  • 2017 Clara Gary
  • 2015 Margarita Villarreal-Flores

Award Purpose: The ICHP Pharmacy Technician of the Year Award is established to identify and recognize exceptional performance by a certified pharmacy technician within the State of Illinois.

Award Criteria:

The candidate must:
  • Be a current ICHP technician member
  • Be a PTCB certified pharmacy technician for at least two years
  • Demonstrate at least one of the following:
    • exceptional contributions to his/her pharmacy worksite
    • exceptional contributions to ICHP as a volunteer member
    • exceptional contributions to the practice of pharmacy in Illinois
Nomination Process:
A call for nominations will be made in the March/April KeePosted each year.  That announcement may be augmented with appropriate e-mail blasts. 
Nominations are due by July 1.

The nominator must:
  • Be the technician’s supervisor, colleague or co-worker.  No self-nominations will be accepted.
  • Provide the following information:
    • Worksite name, address and telephone number.
    • Technician name and year certified.
    • Describe the technician’s contributions in detail.
  • Provide the nomination to the ICHP office by no later than July 1.
Selection Process:
All nominations are reviewed by the Division of Marketing Affairs at their July conference call.
  • The Division will select two finalists for consideration and present them to the ICHP Board of Directors at the July Board Meeting.
  • The ICHP Board of Directors will select the award winner from the two finalists presented by the Division of Marketing Affairs.
  • The Division of Marketing Affairs may recommend one of the two finalists by providing detailed discussion points to the Board of Directors.
  • The Board is not required to select a recipient if no candidate seems qualified.
The Award will be presented at the ICHP Annual Meeting in September, if a technician is selected.
  • The award recipient and her/his nominator will be notified immediately following his/her selection by the Board of Directors.
  • The award recipient will receive a complimentary full registration to the ICHP Annual Meeting.
  • The award recipient will receive a plaque to be presented at an appropriately agreed upon time during the ICHP Annual Meeting. The nominator will be invited to participate in the award ceremony.
  • The award recipient may give a continuing education presentation at the technician session at the following year's ICHP Annual Meeting on a topic of their choice related to their area of practice.
To nominate someone for this award, complete the online nomination form or forward a detailed letter of recommendation identifying the specific accomplishments of the nominee with respect to each criteria above to ICHP, 4055 N Perryville Road, Loves Park, IL 61111-8653, or email to