Highlights of July Meeting - 2011

Highlights of the July Meeting - 2011 The July Illinois Board of Pharmacy Meeting was held on Tuesday, July 12th in the James R. Thompson Center in Chicago.  The following are the highlights of that meeting.Match RxJohn Kello, CEO of Match Rx, a ... Read More

ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund - It’s on! Auction With A Twist Online in August

ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund - It’s on!  Auction With A Twist Online in August If you are naturally lucky, just feeling lucky or ready to change your luck, the ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund Auction With A Twist is online from August 29th through S... Read More

New Practitioners Network - Surviving a Pharmacy Practice Residency 101

In the Beginning Be prepared. Know the expectations to which you will be held. You will likely be given a residency manual or other orientation materials. Be sure to thoroughly review the information so that you can adhere to the rules and regulations... Read More

Report of the President

Report of the President 2011 During my typical commute to work, I was listening to ESPN 1000 sports radio and they had dedicated that day’s broadcast to the V Foundation. For those unfamiliar with the foundation, it was started in honor of Jim... Read More

The GAS From Springfield - HB0220 Could Have Serious Repercussions!

House Bill 0220 was passed by both chambers of the General Assembly on May 28th.  The bill wasn’t on our radar for a variety of reasons.   First, it was originally an amendment to the Medical Practice Act and didn’t have anything... Read More

ICHP’s 2nd Annual Auction with a Twist

ICHP’s 2nd Annual Auction with a Twist Last year’s ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund Auction with a Twist was very successful so we brought it back for the 2011 ICHP Annual Meeting! If you won a great prize, you remember exactly how it worked and ... Read More

Advantages of Completing the IPPE in a Rural Hospital Setting

During the middle of my first semester P2 year, my classmates began to chat eagerly about where they hoped to be placed for their Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE), which would start the next semester. There were a few big names tha... Read More

An Alternative Rotation Delivers An Alternative Experience

I recently completed a three week alternative IPPE rotation at Illinois CancerCare in Peoria, Illinois. As a childhood cancer survivor, this rotation meant a lot to me. Through my past childhood experience, I found motivation to learn each and ev... Read More

Meeting the New Faces of the MWU ICHP Executive Board

Xin Yang – PresidentI am the new student president of ICHP at MWU. I enjoyed all of the professional and networking opportunities that ICHP had to offer this past year, and I loved the camaraderie I shared with the e-board members. I look forward... Read More

UIC - ICHP Chapter Year in Review

This has been a very successful year for the UIC-ICHP chapter. It has been my honor to serve on our UIC e-board, as well as contribute to the programming on the state level. I am proud of what the UIC-ICHP chapter accomplished this year. In our se... Read More

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