Want to know more about your medications?

February 6, 2003

Want to know more about your medications?

Visit www.safemedication.com and find important information you need to use medications safely and effectively!  This interactive site provides you with the latest news articles on medications, instructions on the proper use of various medication dosage forms, frequently asked questions and answers on medication use and much, much more.

Safemedication.com will provide you with specific information about the medications you are currently taking.  By entering your medication’s name in its MedMaster™ search, you can find out why the medication is normally prescribed, How the medication should be used, What special precautions should be taken, what you should do if you forget a dose, the medication’s common side effects, its proper storage conditions and other important information that will help you get the best results of your medication therapy.

ICHP gives this Web site a 5-Star rating for consumers and patients!

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