Call for ASHP Delegate Nominations - It’s Baltimore and â€"Wherever”!

by Scott A. Meyers, Executive Vice President
September 14, 2011

The ASHP Summer meeting for 2012 is in Baltimore, MD, and in 2013 it could be who knows where!  ASHP hasn’t identified the city yet, but San Francisco and Seattle appear to be high on the list.  

Either way, ICHP needs to elect two delegates to join Chris Rivers, Heath Jennings and Miriam Mobley-Smith as the Illinois delegation for 2012.  Delegate candidates must be ASHP members, plan on attending the ASHP Summer Meetings for both 2012 and 2013 at their own expense, attend one of the Chicago-based Regional Delegate Conferences each May, and provide their own nomination via e-mail, fax or mail to the ICHP office by Oct. 31, 2011.  Nominees must be pharmacist members of ASHP and nomination statements should include years of membership in ASHP, current employment position, pharmacy association memberships and volunteer experiences related to pharmacy associations and any other relevant information the potential candidate would like to include.  The ICHP Committee on Nominations will select the final four candidates for this year’s ballot.

The 2012 Summer Meeting is scheduled for June 9-13, 2012 in Baltimore.  No date has been set for the 2013 event.  Delegates are reimbursed for expenses relating to attendance at the Regional Delegate Conferences, but all other expenses are the delegates’ responsibilities.  ASHP’s House of Delegates is the policy making body within ASHP and is responsible for electing ASHP’s Treasurer (to occur in 2012) and approving all ASHP position statements and practice guidelines.

This is a great opportunity for someone who has served at the State level for some time and wishes to move up within ASHP.  It is probably not a good match for someone with no pharmacy association experience.  

Elections will be held in November with all ASHP pharmacist members eligible to vote via the internet.  Election results will be announced in the January KeePosted.  â" 

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