Patient's Rights to Access Reproductive Health Services

ICHP Position Statement – Patient's Rights to Access Reproductive Health Services

ICHP supports the right of the patient and/or their representative as allowed under state law to make informed decisions about a patient's reproductive care plan.

Similarly, ICHP recognizes the right of pharmacists as health care providers to decline participation in therapies they consider to be morally, religiously, or ethically troubling.

Therefore, a pharmacist who exercises their right of conscience must serve in the best interest of patients, and use their professional judgement to serve the health care needs of their patients. The pharmacist must not impose on the patient their own values, beliefs or objections.

The health care system/organization must have plans in place for situations that might arise when a pharmacist declines to provide reproductive medication therapy management or drug dispensing services to ensure the patient receives desired and timely care.

Pharmacists and health care systems/organizations should be free to provide needed care guided by their individual beliefs without fear of retribution.


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Created and Reviewed 11/2022