Presenter Information

Presenter Important Deadlines​
  • Abstract and CV submission for presenters on 2/18/2024
  • Selected presenters will be notified by email by 3/25/2024
    (Information on process and timelines will be provided.)
  • PowerPoint presentation submission if conflict is identified 4/11/2024
  • PowerPoint presentation submission if NO conflict is identified 4/25/2024
    (Slide Set Up Guide & PowerPoint template below.)
  • All presenters must register as attendees by 5/1/2024​
  • Schedule with time / room assignments available by 5/10/2024

Presentation length: 20 minutes total - this includes speaker introduction, 15 minutes presentation, Q & A, and speaker transition. So please allow a few minutes for Q & A at the end of your presentation. The format will be three presentations per hour, per room. All presentation times and room assignments will be available online by May 10, 2024.

Learning Objective & Learning Assessment Question: Each presentation is to have only ONE learning objective and one learning assessment question tied to that objective. You will use a show of hands for the answers. Multiple choice questions are appropriate for these knowledge-based presentations.

Please use the Slide Template and Guide below as you prepare your slides.

Evaluation Form & Rubric for Presentations 2023

Slide Review Guidance - v3 for 2023 - 3.22.2023 update

ILPRC - REVISED v3 - Slide Template - 3.22.2023 update

Presenters and preceptors, please note:
Although we would like the resident's primary preceptor to attend the Illinois Pharmacy Resident Conference, we understand some programs are not able to support every preceptor to attend the conference.  If the primary preceptor is not able to attend, we ask that the Residency Program Director, or another preceptor from your organization who is familiar with the presentation content, attend the resident's presentation to introduce the resident, to help them keep time for their presentation, and to provide general support if needed.