New PTCB Patient Safety CPE Credit Requirement

April 23, 2014

This week PTCB announced a new requirement - all CPhTs eligible to recertify beginning with the July recertification cycle are required to complete one hour of continuing pharmacy education (CPE) in patient safety, in addition to the already required hour of law CPE, as part of 20 hours of CPE needed for recertification. Read the full statement here.

The GOOD NEWS is that ICHP's technician members receive a free online subscription to Pharmacy Tech Topics. The July 2013 (Volume 18, Number 3) module of Pharmacy Tech Topics™ titled Mechanisms of Drug Interactions provides 2.5 hours CPE of patient safety, meeting your PTCB patient safety requirement.  If you are not an ICHP technician member, that single module is available for a price of $17.95 online or it can be purchased as part of a one-year subscription to Pharmacy Tech Topics™ online for $45.

If you think you may have already completed a patient safety program of one-hour or more here’s an easy way to determine if it provides the Patient Safety credit now required by PTCB.  Look at your statements of credit for program provided by an ACPE accredited provider.  The statement of credit will contain a Universal Activity Number (UAN) such as 0121-0000-13-003-H05-T.  The important component of this long number is the H05 or it may possibly have an L05.  The H stands for home study program and the L stands for Live program but the 05 stands for ACPE’s designation of Patient Safety programs.  If you have completed a program provided by an accredited ACPE provider that contains H05 or L05 of one hour or more during this recertification period, you met the requirement.  If you have completed a program provided by a non-accredited ACPE provider (statement of credit will not have the ACPE logo on it anywhere) and you believe it is or could be a Patient Safety or Medication Safety (a subset of Patient Safety) program you should contact the program provider and ask them if this would qualify to be certain.

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