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ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund - There’s Never a Bad Time for Advocacy

As you read this issue’s post, the Auction With A Twist is well underway if not already finished!  In addition, the Mautino Italian Open (fundraiser for State Representative that ICHP often participates in) is definitely in the history books... Read More

ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund - It’s on! Auction With A Twist Online in August

ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund - It’s on!  Auction With A Twist Online in August If you are naturally lucky, just feeling lucky or ready to change your luck, the ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund Auction With A Twist is online from August 29th through S... Read More

ICHP’s 2nd Annual Auction with a Twist

ICHP’s 2nd Annual Auction with a Twist Last year’s ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund Auction with a Twist was very successful so we brought it back for the 2011 ICHP Annual Meeting! If you won a great prize, you remember exactly how it worked and ... Read More

2010 Elections Wrap-up and Strong Finish

The 2010 elections are history and the ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund’s contributions helped elect several candidates. In a few cases, the funds weren’t enough to turn the tide and even one friend in Springfield lost. Here’s who we (The IC... Read More

Auction With a Twist a Resounding Success!

I think we really uncovered the secret to fundraising for the ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund. Make it fun! Make it exciting! Make it like gambling!This year’s political action committee (PAC) fundraiser was all three. The Auction with a Twist combined... Read More

PAC Auction with a Twist 'Bidding' Now Open!

Check out all the great items to 'bid' on here. Tickets are now on sale online through August 24, 2010. After August 24th, tickets will be available only at the Annual Meeting.Can’t make it to the ICHP Annual Meeting?  You are in luck! You n... Read More

Time to Meet the Board of Trustees

Hopefully by now, you’ve read last month’s ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund article and received the e-mail solicitation describing your chance to win something special and to contribute to the ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund’s Auction with a Twis... Read More

An Auction with a Twist Fundraiser at the Annual Meeting

For the past several years the ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund, ICHP’s Political Action Committee, has held some sort of fundraiser at the Spring and Annual Meetings. The 2010 Annual Meeting in August will be no exception. However, this year we are ask... Read More

A Great Day in Springfield

There are many components to political activism and the fund-raising solicitations and directed contributions you normally read about here are just two. Another component is being informed as an individual for both personal and professional reasons. Yo... Read More

Time Is Money with the Illinois Primary

February 2, 2010 is the Illinois General Primary Election in which all of the 118 State Representatives and 21 of the 59 Illinois State Senators are up for election in 2010. In addition, all of Illinois’ constitutional officers (Governor, Lieu... Read More

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