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The GAS From Springfield - A Pharmaceutical Waste Plan That Could Work!

As was mentioned last month in the Directly Speaking column, the Illinois House of Representatives has formed a bi-partisan Heroin Task Force, aimed at reducing the number of accidental overdoses from heroin and opioid prescription medications. The Tas... Read More

The GAS From Springfield - The 2014 Election

The campaign season is upon us…as if you have not been able to tell from the incessant advertisements on television, radio and in the mailboxes. This year’s election will go down in the history books for a lot of reasons, most of which wil... Read More

The GAS From Springfield - This Time the GAS is from DC

Springfield has been quiet this summer and that’s always a good thing! But Washington, through the auspices of the DEA, has not. Coming on October 6th, that’s just a few days away from this issue’s release, all Hydrocodone Containing ... Read More

The GAS From Springfield - It’s Summer - It’s Time for Fun, but Don’t Forget Your Connections!

With the Spring Session of the Illinois General Assembly in the books and the veto session months away, there’s not a lot we can report this month. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to sit back and relax. While we don’t expect any... Read More

The GAS From Springfield - Are we there yet?

Yes, kids, we are there. The spring 2014 session of the 98th General Assembly has been adjourned. Your life, liberty and property are safe for the time being, but who knows how long that will last? Pharmacy dodged some big bullets for the time being du... Read More

The GAS From Springfield - For the General Assembly It’s May Madness!

The month of May brings a flurry of activity and a rush to the finish-line for the Illinois General Assembly. Finishing all their business by midnight on May 31st is always their ultimate goal, even if they accomplish little when they get there. You se... Read More

The GAS From Springfield - The (Slow) Beat Goes On!

Not a lot of progress with this year’s General Assembly as it is an election year, and the budget is up for consideration. When it’s budget time, things don’t move until each deadline, and only the very critically necessary things mov... Read More

The GAS From Springfield - A very successful Legislative Day!

Wednesday morning, March 5th opened with snow blanketing the northern quarter of the state, but that only slightly dampened the impact of a highly successful and positive 8th Annual “Under the Dome” in Springfield. Late buses and slow going... Read More

Announcing the PAC $1K Raffle

ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund $1K Raffle Help the ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund meet its 2014 fundraising goal of $25,000 this year and at the same time perhaps win a cool $1,000. The Pharmacy Action Fun, ICHP's political action committee, is asking every... Read More

The GAS From Springfield - "And They're Off!"

If you’ve ever been to a horse race, you’ll recognize “And they’re off!” as the first thing you hear when the starting gates open during each race. Well, the starting gates have opened for the Illinois General Assembly for... Read More

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