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Government Affairs Report - Things End as They Began: No Budget!

The General Assembly did not manage to pass a budget again this session, and it is unclear whether they will meet during the summer to try to craft something both parties can live with. Rumor has it that nothing more than a few stop-gap measures will p... Read More

Government Affairs Report - Things begin to move in April

With the return of the House after a nearly month long hiatus and the Senate after the Easter break, bills have begun to move quickly in Springfield. That is, all but bills related to the budget. It appears that a budget agreement may not occur until a... Read More

Government Affairs Report - The Fun Has Begun

The bill introduction deadline has passed, so we hope this is it. Although we have seen the General Assembly break almost every one of their rules over the past 9-10 months, so it’s anyone’s guess if there will be more to come. In general, ... Read More

Government Affairs Report - What We Know

It’s early February and no 2016 Illinois budget is in sight. The chasm between the Governor and the Democratic leaders of the General Assembly seems as wide as ever. While more than 70% of government services are being funded by court order, many... Read More

Legislative and Regulatory Update

As most of you have heard, the General Assembly is headed to overtime, even though the last few days of the session looked like the last few minutes of an NBA blowout, which is called “garbage time”, with legislators throwing up any kind of... Read More

New Controlled Substance Act and Pharmacy Practice Act Rule revisions released!

In March the Illinois General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) signed off on Controlled Substance Act Rule changes that ICHP signed off on several months earlier.  They are posted on the ICHP website March 2015 Revis... Read More

Government Affairs Report - Moving Forward Slowly

The deadline for substantive bills to come out of committee in their initial chamber has come and gone. There are a few committees who extended their deadline, which they allowed to do until after the Easter break. Many of the bills ICHP has been monit... Read More

Government Affairs Report - The Bills Are Here!

It didn’t take the 99th Illinois General Assembly long to introduce 6318 bills between January 14th and February 27th! ICHP is monitoring 82 of those bills that may or may not have an impact on Pharmacy. Here’s a summary of the bills that a... Read More

Government Affairs Report - The General Assembly is Sworn In

While the General Assembly was sworn in mid-January just two days after the new Governor, they have already been very busy with introducing 69 bills in the Senate and 270 bills in the House. Of those, 7 bills reference pharmacy and 36 bills reference d... Read More

The Government Affairs Report - Out with the Old, In with the New!

It’s the New Year, and we want to start 2015 out on a new note. In the past, the GAS from Springfield was our Government Affairs Report. But because the “GAS” was often sarcastic and critical of our state government while reporting ne... Read More

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