President's Message

The President's Message - Leadership

In a recent issue of KeePosted, Scott Meyers asked “Are You Ready to Take the Lead?”  Volunteering in leadership roles is an integral part of ICHP’s organizational puzzle.   Many people do not think they possess leaders... Read More

President's Message - Advocacy - Illinois Pharmacy Legislative Day

Advocacy is a piece of the organizational puzzle. The Government Affairs Division (GAD) works closely with Jim Owens, ICHP’s legislative consultant in following bills and legislation that affect our profession. Legislation and regulations such as... Read More

President's Message - The LEAN Transformation

As part of health care reform and transformation, organizations will be asked to do more with less, including adapting to changes in the regulatory and reimbursement environment. Many health-system pharmacy leaders have embraced lean concepts and have ... Read More

President's Message - Reflection and Transformation

The new year has begun, and 2011 is history.  Resolutions have been made (and/or broken), but every year we move forward and hope for a better year.  The Chicago Bears’ season is over.  Time for college hoops and Chicago Bulls (or ... Read More

President's Message - Gratitude

President's Message - Gratitude This message may seem belated as you are reading it in the January KeePosted issue, but it summarizes my thoughts of the holiday season. As we approach the year’s end, I want to take time to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for. To unde... Read More

Inaugural Address by Chris Rivers

Good afternoon members, colleagues and friends. Today I stand before you, humbled and honored to have been elected to serve as the 48th ICHP President.  I hope you have made many connections this year as challenged by Past President Carrie Sincak.... Read More

Report of the President

Report of the President 2011 During my typical commute to work, I was listening to ESPN 1000 sports radio and they had dedicated that day’s broadcast to the V Foundation. For those unfamiliar with the foundation, it was started in honor of Jim... Read More

President's Message - February 2011

President's Message - February 2011 What does it mean to be a smart leader? At one point in our lives, I am sure we have all experienced or witnessed a great leader.  What characteristics did those leaders possess that stood out to you?&nbs... Read More

President's Message - January 2011

I am always excited during the holidays to receive Christmas cards in the mail. One card, in particular, listed the top ten highlights of their family over the course of the year. So I thought I would share with you some highlights of ICHP for 2010. Ce... Read More

President's Message

The 2010 ICHP Leadership Retreat was an eventful weekend where much planning, strategizing, and socializing took place. A dedicated group of approximately 45 ICHP members, joined by 8 members of the ICHP staff headed north to Techny Towers Conference &... Read More

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