President's Message

President's Message - If We Only Knew?

At the keynote address at the recent MSHP/ICHP Spring meeting, Scott Knoer, the Chief Pharmacy Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, shared an inspirational video that portrayed patients, visitors, and staff at a busy hospital with silent captions over thei... Read More

President's Message - Roses and Thorns

“We can complain that a rose bush has thorns, or we can rejoice that a thorn bush has roses” - Abraham LincolnI love that quote. It resonates in my brain as I drive along I-55 and think about the ICHP Spring Meeting with MSHP in St. Cha... Read More

President’s Message - Our Role in Healthcare: a Personal Reflection

My older brother, Jack, was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer in November 2011. We know the devastation of this disease, and as cancers go, this is typically an aggressive, relentless disease with a grim prognosis – not a good one to ge... Read More

President's Message - Communicate and Be Heard

Over the holidays I got a chance to go to the movie theater. My extended family was in from out of town and stayed at our house, so it was good to get out with everyone and go to a large movie complex so everyone could select the movie they wante... Read More

President's Message - Keep Moving Forward

Ever since the movie “Jaws” came out years ago, I have had a healthy respect for (alright, let’s be honest, a dreaded fear of) sharks. My favorite vacation spot generally includes a sunny warm beach near a body of salt water in which ... Read More

President's Message - The Times, They are a Changin'

The old Bob Dylan song, “The Times, They are a Changin’,”1 was ringing in my head as I prepared for the ICHP Leadership Retreat, where 28 members gave up a big part of a weekend to evaluate ICHP’s strategies and help point the o... Read More

The President's Message - Inaugural Address

I am sincerely humbled standing before you today. Being a member of ICHP for more than 30 years, I never envisioned myself as President. I am more of a "tell-me-what-to-do-and-I-will-do-it" kind of guy. But a funny thing happened while volunteering o... Read More

The President's Message - Putting The Pieces Together

By the time this report is published in KeePosted, my presidency year will be over. I cannot believe the busy year has passed so quickly.  Thank you for the privilege of serving as the President of a great organization.  I would like to ackno... Read More

The President's Message - Lifetime Strategic Planning - CPD

ICHP updates the strategic plan every three years.  Our organizational strategic plan is our roadmap.  Lifetime strategic planning includes continuing professional development (CPD).  Beyond the continuing education credits required to m... Read More

The President's Message - The Future of Healthcare - Is there an app for that?

I recently attended the ASHP Summer meeting in Baltimore. Dr. Daniel Kraft, Executive Director of Futuremed, physician, scientist, entrepreneur and the inventor of MarrowMiner, was the opening session keynote speaker. Dr. Kraft delivered his address "T... Read More

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