Meeting Highlights

2012 ICHP Spring Meeting Poster Presentation Winners!

Congratulations to the 2012 ICHP Spring Meeting Poster Presentation winners!  Download the March KeePosted to read their poster abstracts. First Place Original (tie) - Taylor J. Post, PharmDTITLE: Impact of a pharmacist-led initiati... Read More

A Student Perspective: The ICHP Leadership Retreat

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend my first ICHP Leadership Retreat as a student leader this past November 2011 in Bloomington, IL. Although the event took place right before a hectic finals week and the drive was a little far, I ... Read More

Big Experiences in “the Big Easy”

Recently, over 30 members of the SSHP at the SIUE School of Pharmacy attended the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting (MCM).  Of the 30 students who attended, 9 were third year students.  Some students, especially those who are not P-4s, may not se... Read More

Building Connections through the ICHP Annual Meeting!

Establishing and maintaining connections is so important in both our personal and professional lives.  The focus of the 2011 Annual Meeting was “Build Your Connections”.  This principle was highlighted by: programming on the impor... Read More

Inaugural Address by Chris Rivers

Good afternoon members, colleagues and friends. Today I stand before you, humbled and honored to have been elected to serve as the 48th ICHP President.  I hope you have made many connections this year as challenged by Past President Carrie Sincak.... Read More

Crossing the Finish Line

On your mark…get set…go! That was what the ICHP Annual Meeting Planning Committee heard back on April 26th of this year when planning began for the annual meeting educational sessions. The race started out with a crush of ideas, enthusias... Read More

We Captured More Than A Moment in Time!

“Process and Frame” was the tag line for the ICHP 2009 Annual Meeting - in keeping with the presidential theme of photography for the year. Though a photograph only captures a moment in time, this meeting provided several memorable moments ... Read More

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