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An ICHP First!

At the end of November or technically early December, ICHP experienced a “first”. Our first staff member retirement! ICHP Publications Manager, Barbara Yahn, stepped away from her desk for the last time and became an official retiree! That&... Read More

Things for which I am truly thankful!

While this is the December issue of KeePosted, Thanksgiving wasn’t that long ago, and during this holiday season and year end it is always a good idea to reflect on the things for which we can all be truly thankful.I’m truly thankful for:Th... Read More

Why Do I Have to Complete Those Stupid Meeting Evaluations?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard that said at or after an ICHP Annual or Spring Meeting! And you know what…you don’t have to complete those stupid meeting evaluation forms. However, if you want to make ICHP meetings... Read More

Pharmacy Education: Who's in Charge?

This month’s column may cause a bit of controversy, but most of us have been thinking it so I might as well say it. The pharmacy profession oversees its own educational process. Pharmacy leaders guide ACPE for both the professional degree program... Read More

Step Up and Step Outside Your World

On January 12th a monstrous earthquake hit just outside Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Before the earthquake struck, Haiti was the poorest country in the Western hemisphere and now has been shaken back another 30-40 years. People from all over the world have s... Read More

The Internet and Email: Useful Tools or Time Bandits?

I use the internet and email every day. I have both on my cell phone because no matter where I am, I want to stay connected. Thank goodness for the internet and all the wonderful websites that provide me with most of the information I need to succeed d... Read More

Updating ICHP's Strategic Plan

President Karpinski has provided a comprehensive summary of the 2009 ICHP Leadership Retreat held at Allerton Conference Center outside Monticello, Illinois. For those of you who have never visited the conference center, it is a pleasant surprise to... Read More

Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) Comes Alive!

There’s a band I enjoy listening to both on my iPod and in person. Their name is Cowboy Mouth. They’re not a headliner, platinum record type group but one that plays smaller venues like the House of Blues, a lot of University campuses, and ... Read More

Medication Administration: Pharmacy’s New Frontier?

Having worked in health care for more than 20 years before fully and completely stepping into this role of Executive Director and now Executive Vice President of ICHP, I thought I was tuned into the health care experience from both a practitioner and p... Read More

Board Profile: Kathy Komperda, ICHP Secretary

This article spotlights ICHP Board of Directors member Kathy Komperda (Fit). Kathy is a new practitioner and is a recent elect to the office of Secretary on the ICHP Board. Kathy is an example of what opportunities await all ICHP new practitioners ... Read More

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