Directly Speaking

Directly Speaking - It's Time to Trade Shoes

We’ve all heard the quote, “Before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes”, or at least something very close to that. My searches on the internet did not yield any definitive answers other than the original saying was a Native ... Read More

Directly Speaking - Is Pharmacy Compounding Headed for Its Own Cherry Mine Disaster of 1909?

In late April, my wife scheduled a family field trip (She and I and both of my parents) to Malden, Illinois and a supposedly cute restaurant with great food. Well the restaurant was cute in a country sort of way and the fried chicken was good but the o... Read More

Directly Speaking - Compounded Sterile Preparations: What’s in Your Pharmacy?

Compounded sterile preparations continue to make the news these days with more recalls from small outsourcing pharmacies around the country, a grand jury determining if criminal charges are appropriate in Michigan, State and federal governments... Read More

Directly Speaking - Building Alliances and Accepting Compromise

Last time I checked, Illinois was still part of the United States of America, and the USA was still a democracy. And while hospitals and health-systems don’t always function as democracies, there are some lessons to be learned for a properl... Read More

Directly Speaking - Board Certification: The Great Equalizer

There’s been a lot of discussion lately relating to pharmacy credentialing, and I thought as an “old-timer” I should finally weigh in. My guess is that most of you that read this column have yet to go out onto the ASHP Connect P... Read More

Directly Speaking - Medication Errors: They're Everyone's Business

The fallout from the New England Compounding Center contaminated products continues to reign down on pharmacy across the nation and here in Illinois. While I wouldn’t call that problem a true medication error, in several ways it is. More importan... Read More

Directly Speaking - The Fungal Meningitis Outbreak and Illinois

By now everyone should be familiar with the New England Compounding Center (NECC) sterile product contamination scandal and the resulting fungal meningitis outbreak that has claimed 34 lives and infected nearly 500 patients nationwide at the time of th... Read More

Directly Speaking-50 Years of Caring -- ICHP Plans a Gala Celebration!

Discussions began back in 1961 to consolidate what was then two vibrant and dedicated Societies of Hospital Pharmacists in Illinois. In 1988 Sister Mary Louise Degenhart chronicled the first 25 plus years of what has eventually become the Illinois Co... Read More

Directly Speaking - Tell Me Your PPMI Stories!

For those of you whose pharmacy departments have completed the ASHP Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative (PPMI) Hospital Self-Assessment (HSA), go ahead and skip down to the third paragraph.  I don’t need to beg, cajole, lecture or bribe you!&... Read More

Directly Speaking - Reflecting on Under the Dome 6

Wow!  From my perspective, this year’s 6th Annual Under the Dome was the biggest and best ever!  Yes there were some small glitches, and yes we had difficulty meeting with every legislator we set out to during our visits.  But this... Read More

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