Public Act 100-0564 - Mandated Registration with the PMP - FAQs

December 20, 2017

Here are some answers from staff at the Illinois Department of Human Services to frequently asked questions by our members, related to the new mandatory requirements for the Illinois PMP or PIL in Public Act 100-0564. 

We thank the staff at DHS for the help and support in bringing this information to all of you!
If an inpatient is being ordered a new controlled substance for in hospital use, does the prescriber and dispenser (or their designees) have to access the PMP first before prescribing or dispensing?  And if so, are both required to document accessing the PMP in the EHR? 
Public Act 100-0564 States the following:

(f) This section shall not be construed to apply to inpatients or residents at hospitals or other institutions or to institutional pharmacies.

We would consider inpatient use exempt from the requirements set forth in this public act. 
If the patient is receiving one dose of a pre-op Controlled Substance during an outpatient surgery, is accessing the PMP and documentation required?
It would not be required if the prescriber is not issuing an actual prescription, but it would still be considered best practice to know the patient's controlled substance history.
Is there a limit to the number of designees a prescriber or dispenser may have? 
Yes, they are limited to three, the administrative rule can be found on our website or you can follow the link below for more information:
Do they have to identify whose agent/designee they would be?  Do they need any specific information from the prescriber or dispenser?
The designee pages are in process and we hope to have them live by January 1st.  The designee and the prescribers will need to be linked with permission from both.   
How does a prescriber or dispenser designate access to another individual?  Do they have to go through your Department or can they just hand over their access codes? 
We are in the process of creating a webpage that will allow for such access, both the prescriber and designee will need to access the webpage to verify access. 

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