Illinois Poison Prevention Month is Right Around the Corner...Make Sure Poisons Aren't!

by Scott A. Meyers, Executive Vice President
February 15, 2007

March has been proclaimed Poison Prevention Month in Illinois, and the third week of March (18-24) is National Poison Prevention Week. Now’s a good time to make plans for some community and family outreach programs.  If you’re brave enough to take on a classroom of grade schoolers or even older pre-schoolers, this is a great topic for young ears and eyes.  Ask your child’s or grandchild’s teacher if he/she would like a short presentation on the subject, and then get all the information you need from the Illinois Poison Center (IPC) at

There’s a variety of information and games available on the Poison Center’s website and enough materials to create an informative 15-20 minute presentation.  While it may be too late to order poison prevention materials to handout this year, there are plenty of materials to familiarize yourself with and possibly order for next year’s presentations.  In addition, you can sign up to be a poison prevention educator with the IPC and receive regular updates via e-mail.

But don’t forget to make sure your own home is poison proofed.  If little children visit you on a regular basis, there is a chance for poisonings.  And even with no children around, sometimes we get careless with cleaners and other chemicals that could put our adult family members and pets in danger.  Encourage other family members to inspect their homes to make sure your extended family stays safe for the next year.  So take a look around your house, make a couple of calls and make sure you are safe and sound for 2007.

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