New Controlled Substance Act and Pharmacy Practice Act Rule revisions released!

by Scott A. Meyers, Executive Vice President
May 20, 2015

In March the Illinois General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) signed off on Controlled Substance Act Rule changes that ICHP signed off on several months earlier.  They are posted on the ICHP website March 2015 Revision to the Controlled Substance Act Rules (pdf) for your review.  At the end of the April JCAR approved significant revisions to the Pharmacy Practice Act also.  Glaringly missing from this revision are the substantial changes to the Pharmaceutical Compounding Standards that were highly anticipated.  Those changes appeared to be too controversial for the Department to push forward at the time but a new version should be out for review before the end of the summer.  The requirement for compliance to USP Compounding Standards including Chapter 797 was not one of the significant issues and it is anticipated that it will remain in the soon to be drafted regulations.  The new Pharmacy Practice Act rules may be found on the ICHP Website at: April 2015 Revisions to the Pharmacy Practice Act Rules (pdf).  Both sets of rules are in effect now and a thorough review of both is highly recommended. In addition, there were two revisions to the Prescription Monitoring Program rules and they are also provided on the Website.  The first revision pertains to all reporting to the PMP and the second revision relates to reporting by long-term care providers.  They can be found here April 2015 PMP Rules Revision (pdf) and April 2015 PMP for Long Term Care Rules Revision (pdf).  

ICHP will keep you informed on additional rules and act changes as they occur.

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