Leadership Profile - Jennifer Splawski, PharmD, BCPS

December 17, 2012


Jennifer Splawski, PharmD, BCPS
ICHP Glenbrook Hospital Champion

Where did you go to pharmacy school?
University of Illinois at Chicago

Trace your professional history since graduation: where have you trained / worked, any special accomplishments? (include a description of your current area of practice and practice setting)
I completed a PGY1 residency in Pharmacy Practice at the University of California, San Francisco in 2011.   I subsequently started working for Glenbrook Hospital, which is part of Northshore University Health System.  I work everywhere from internal medicine to the ICU.  My recent accomplishment is creating an outpatient neurology clinic staffed by pharmacy residents and two pharmacists.    

Describe your current area of practice and practice setting.
Glenbrook Hospital is a 169 bed community teaching hospital in the NorthShore University Health System. In addition to my day to day responsibilities as a clinical pharmacist, I precept residents in the emergency room and the outpatient neurology clinic as well as students in internal medicine.

What initially motivated you to get involved, and what benefits do you see in being active in a professional association such as ICHP?
I think it’s very important to give back to the profession.  When I was a student, I had fabulous mentors who made me who I am today.  I wanted to give back to the profession in the same way that my mentors did.  In addition, by being part of a professional organization, we have an opportunity to create change.  It is easier to create change with a body of like-minded people than it is as an individual. Lastly, networking is also important in pharmacy.  Opportunities are not as plentiful as they once were and networking with people who have more experience than you can provide countless opportunities.

What advice would you give to a new practitioner eager to become more involved within ICHP? to the new grad? to the student?
Just do it.  There’s no better time than now.  Depending on how much time you have in your schedule, you can join a committee and donate as much time as you have available.  The longer you practice it becomes more difficult to get involved.  If you feel motivated, do it right away.  Also, if you’re quiet or shy, find a partner to get involved with and motivate others around you to attend similar activities.

Is there an individual you admire or look up to, or a mentor that has influenced your career?
There are so many.  Dr. Francis Schlemmer at UIC has definitely motivated me to be an educator and to be involved since day one of pharmacy school.  He always emphasized the importance of giving back to the profession.  

As a newer practitioner, what is your vision for pharmacy in the future? Or what would you like to able to see accomplished within pharmacy?
I would like to see pharmacists be able to bill for service and be more involved in the medical home model.  

What three adjectives would people use to best describe you?
Motivating, passionate, dedicated

Do you have any special interests or hobbies outside of pharmacy/work/school? special accomplishments?
I love to run, I feel some of my best thinking is done while I run. I also love to go to concerts, I’ve probably been to more than 200 shows in my lifetime.

Do you have a favorite restaurant/food?
Mexican food.  I could eat Mexican food everyday for the rest of my life and be completely satisfied.

Where is your favorite place to vacation?
I would like to go back to Italy; I studied abroad there in college and haven’t been back since.

What is the most interesting/unique fact about yourself that few people know?
If I wasn’t a pharmacist I would open up a bakery.

Anything else, you would like to share?
Get involved!


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