Update for 2012

by Phil Burgess, RPh, Chairman, Illinois State Board of Pharmacy
January 15, 2012

On March 31, 2012 all pharmacist and technician licenses in Illinois will expire. Make sure that you have taken steps to ensure your proper renewal.

Section 1330.100 of the Illinois Pharmacy Practice Rules require pharmacists to complete 30 hours of Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) approved continuing education “ during the 24 months preceding the expiration date of the license”. In early 2012, ACPE accredited continuing education providers will begin requiring pharmacists and technicians to provide their National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) e-Profile ID and their birth date (MM/DD) to receive continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credit. Providers will ask CPE participants to provide the ID either when registering or when submitting participation data to the provider.

NOTE: By the end of 2012, ALL ACPE providers will require your e-profile ID for you to receive CPE credit.

To prepare for this new process, I would encourage pharmacists and technicians to set up their e-Profile by obtaining their NABP e-Profile ID. You can obtain your ID by visiting www.MyCPEmonitor.net and creating an NABP e-Profile. I’ve done it myself; it’s quick and easy. Do not delay!

The CPE Monitor™ service is a collaborative effort between NABP and ACPE. It allows pharmacists and technicians to easily track their ACPE-accredited CPE credits. When pharmacists and technicians complete an ACPE-accredited CPE program, their participation data will be sent electronically from the provider to ACPE, then to NABP for recording into their NABP e-Profile. You (or the Boards of Pharmacy) will be able to access this data for documentation and verification of continuing education.

On another subject, the revised Illinois Controlled Substances Act (720 ILCS 570/) went into effect on 1/1/2012. There are numerous changes impacting the practice of pharmacy within our state. The entire act is readily available online on the State of Illinois website.

The following medications have been added to the controlled substances lists and will have to be reported as of 1/1/2012:
  • Now Schedule IV: Soma (carisoprodol) and Ultram (tramadol)
  • Now Schedule V: Potiga (ezogabine)

Additionally, any hospital or ambulatory surgical center or other “walk-in” care center that provides controlled substances that will be consumed off site will have to report on quantities dispensed when they exceed a 72 hours supply. This covers emergency department and hospital discharges.

Wishing you all a healthy and fulfilling 2012.

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