ICHP’s 2nd Annual Auction with a Twist

by Scott Meyers
August 4, 2011

ICHP’s 2nd Annual Auction with a Twist

Last year’s ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund Auction with a Twist was very successful so we brought it back for the 2011 ICHP Annual Meeting! If you won a great prize, you remember exactly how it worked and if you didn’t let me explain it to you.  

The Auction with a Twist brings in prizes contributed by you, the ICHP members and auctions them off using the “Chinese Auction” method of a raffle.  In the Auction with a Twist format, each prize has its own hat (or in our case a mason jar with slotted lid).  The auction participant purchases tickets and places them in the jars of the prizes they truly wish to win.  So there’s no chance you’ll win something you don’t want and a better chance that you’ll win something you do!

So how can you participate?  There are 3 ways:

  1. Donate a Great Prize
    You (individually or together with your department colleagues) can donate a prize. Some of last year’s prizes include: iPod Touch, Amazon Kindle, Bulls & White Sox Tickets, Golf items, Logo Gear, Gift Baskets and Cards, Handmade Jewelry and Art, Books, a Cookout and more! Click here for a list of all of last year’s prizes.
  2. Order your Tickets and Select your Prizes Online
    Beginning August 29th, you will be able to review the prize list, purchase your tickets with a credit card and select which prizes to place your bids on all from the ICHP website. Online tickets sales will end September 13th. (5 tickets for $10, 15 tickets for $20 and 50 tickets for $50)
  3. Buy your Tickets at the Annual Meeting
    As an Annual Meeting attendee you can walk back and forth and truly analyze which prize should garner the bulk of your tickets. Tickets will be on sale at the meeting until 11:00 am September 17th. Prizes will be announced at the Awards Lunch. Winners need not be present to win – we will contact you after the meeting.
To donate a prize, contact the ICHP office at (815) 227-9292 or e-mail me at scottm@ichpnet.org.  If you’re not sure your idea for a prize will garner the interest equivalent to its value, give me a call and I can tell you what was hot and what was not in 2010.  Help the ICHP Pharmacy Action Fund raise some serious cash and create some excitement and fun at the same time!

Scott A. Meyers, RPh, MS, FASHP
Executive Vice President

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