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Government Affairs Report Something new from the Veto Session

Government Affairs Report Something new from the Veto Session During the fall Veto Session of the Illinois General Assembly, we actually didn’t expect much of anything that dealt with pharmacy to emerge.  But never say never, ever!  This fall, what started out as a renewal of the Podiatry Practice... Read More

Public Act 100-0564 - Mandated Registration with the PMP - FAQs

Here are some answers from staff at the Illinois Department of Human Services to frequently asked questions by our members, related to the new mandatory requirements for the Illinois PMP or PIL in Public Act 100-0564.  ... Read More

Directly Speaking - Start planning the celebration now!

Start planning the celebration now! by Scott A. Meyers, Executive Director While it seems a long time until October, this is probably the last KeePosted issue you will see until we’ve arrived in the very month of my birth. But I don... Read More

Illinois Pharmacy Technician Licensure Process Change

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Leadership Profile - August 2017

Meet Megan Hartranft, PharmDWhat is your current leadership position in ICHP?  I currently serve as a member of ICHP’s Government Affairs Committee and as NISHP Treasurer.  What benefits do you see in being active in a professional ... Read More

IDFPR Announces New Mandatory Counseling Rules

IDFPR announces new mandatory counseling rules going in to effect August 18, 2017. Find them here.Contact the ICHP office for questions. Read More

Government Affairs Report HB2392 is Not the Fix We Need

Click here to read your KeePosted™ article if the page below does not load. <p> <a href=""> </a> </p&a... Read More

Government Affairs Report - Not Sure We’re Starting the Year on the Right Foot!

The Tribune article of Sunday, December 19th “Filled without Warning” continues to ripple across the pharmacy profession and probably will for the entire Spring Legislative Session. Follow-up articles on the 20th and 21st poured gasoline on... Read More

Government Affairs Report - Presidential Election Shocker: Subtle Changes in the General Assembly

Very few prognosticators got it right. Half of America is disappointed, and the other half is excited. None of this should be news to any of you, but Donald Trump will be inaugurated on Friday, January 20th, 2017. He will become the 45th President of t... Read More

Government Affairs Report - You're Now Required to Report the UnsafSenator Karen McConnaughay’s 2nd Annual Women’s Conference

I was eager and willing to represent the Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists once again at the 2nd Annual Women’s Conference sponsored by Senator McConnaughay and held at Elgin Community College on October 6th. While rushing (and possib... Read More

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