ICHP Position Statement - Retail Healthcare Facilities

The Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists (ICHP) acknowledges the rationale for the creation of Retail Healthcare Facilities as a means to expand access to safe and affordable health care. ICHP also believes that if these Retail Healthcare Facilities are created that they should contain pharmacies where a pharmacist is easily accessible to the patient (ie. supermarkets).

The ICHP also acknowledges that Retail Healthcare Facilities are designed to provide diagnostic functions in an affordable manner. However, ICHP believes these Retail Healthcare Facilities should use the medication therapy management expertise of pharmacists to establish appropriate medication therapy including medication product selection once a diagnosis has been determined. The pharmacist is the healthcare professional most thoroughly trained in medication therapy management and because these Retail Healthcare Facilities are most often located in or in immediate proximity to a pharmacy it would complement medication effectiveness and safety when providing this type of care.

Revised 6/2019