ICHP Position Statement - Restricted Distribution Systems

The Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists (ICHP) supports the drug distribution system that includes the traditional pharmacist prescriber-patient relationship.

ICHP acknowledges that there may be some circumstances that the traditional drug distribution system may not be conducive to providing new and innovative care to the patient.  In cases when a restricted distribution system is required several criteria must be met:  1) continuity of care for the patient is not interrupted, 2) the pharmacist prescriber-patient relationship is maintained, 3) evidence based information is available, 4) consensus is reached by healthcare practitioners that this distribution system is needed for the safety of the patient, and 5) drug prices are not artificially inflated in the process.

ICHP strongly encourages pharmaceutical manufacturers and the FDA to consult with practicing pharmacists through their professional pharmacy organizations when contemplating a restricted distribution system for a drug product.

Reviewed 09/2014

Revised 01/2018