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Recognize The Best
ICHP Awards Process Opens

It's time to start thinking awards!  ICHP is looking to honor the best and brightest in Illinois Pharmacy! 

The award nominations process for the 2021 ICHP Pharmacist of the Year, New Practitioner Leadership Award, the Amy Lodolce Mentorship Award, the Industry Award and the Pharmacy Technician of the Year recipients are open, and it’s your chance to recommend someone you know and respect.  

All five awards will be presented at the 2021 ICHP Annual Meeting on September 23-25, 2021 at the Drury Lane Theater in Oakbrook Terrace along with several other important awards.  The criteria are different for each award, so take a look at the requirements!  Deadline: July 1, 2021.

Pharmacist of the Year Award
A Pharmacist of the Year nominee should meet the following criteria:
  • The nominee is a person of high moral character, good citizenship and high professional ideals;
  • The nominee has made significant contributions affecting the practice of health-system pharmacy throughout the State; and
  • These contributions should be in the form of sustained exemplary service in health-system pharmacy or a single outstanding achievement, or a combination of accomplishments benefiting health-system pharmacy, through it, humanity, and the public health.  These accomplishments, achievements, or outstanding performances may be in the following areas:
  • Health-system pharmacy practice
  • Health-system pharmacy education
  • Health-system pharmacy administration
  • Pharmaceutical research or development related to health-system pharmacy
  • Pharmacy organizational activity with a definite relationship to health-system pharmacy
  • Scientific or professional pharmacy writing, (e.g., noteworthy articles on pharmaceutical subjects with applicability to health-
  •     system pharmacy)
  • Pharmaceutical journalism related to health-system pharmacy
  • Public and/or inter-professional relations activities benefiting health-system pharmacy
  • Pharmacy law or legislation, professional regulations, standards of professional conduct or pharmacy law enforcement as related to health-system pharmacy.

Nominations may be received from Selection Committee members (past recipients of the award), past Presidents of the Council, affiliated chapters of the Council or any six pharmacist members of the Council submitting and signing a recommendation.  Nominators should write a complete nomination letter and submit it along with the nominee’s CV by July 1st, to the ICHP office at  

Nominations should include the name of the nominee, name of the nominators, and details describing how the nominee meets the above criteria.  This year’s Selection Committee Chair is last year’s recipient, Starlin Haydon-Greatting.  All nominations will be forwarded to the ICHP office for distribution to the selection committee.

New Practitioner Leadership Award
The Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists establishes the New Practitioner Leadership Award to recognize an individual whose early accomplishments distinguish them as future leaders in the profession. The candidates should be individuals whose performance demonstrates a high degree of professionalism, leadership, and innovation. Nominations may be submitted to the ICHP Board of Directors sixty days prior to the Annual Meeting by an affiliate chapter or any two individual members of the ICHP.  If a nominee is selected to receive the award, it will be presented at the Annual Meeting.  

Nominees should meet the following criteria:
  • Earned his/her first pharmacy degree within the last 10 years
  • Encourage and support ICHP by membership, meeting attendance, and participation*
  • Demonstrate a consistently high level of professional achievement
  • Has developed, is working in or is working towards the development of an innovative practice in Health-System pharmacy practice
  • Exhibit strong leadership qualities
  • Possess a strong commitment to the advancement of the pharmacy profession

*Membership in ICHP and volunteer activity within ICHP’s divisions, committees or board of directors are absolute requirements to receive this award.

Selection of a recipient shall be by the ICHP Board of Directors in a secret ballot.  The nominator may be requested to provide additional information to the ICHP Board of Directors to facilitate discussion and selection.

To apply or nominate, submit a detailed letter of recommendation identifying the specific accomplishments of the nominee with respect to each criteria above to

Amy Lodolce Mentorship Award
Amy Lodolce was a University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy faculty member who touched the lives of pharmacy students, residents, and colleagues through her passion for teaching and the profession of pharmacy. Throughout her time at the college, Amy oversaw the training of four PGY2 drug information pharmacy residents, all of whom are currently drug information faculty at various institutions. She worked directly with numerous PGY1 residents and APPE students during their drug information rotations. She also served as a formal mentor to her student advisees and was the advisor of the Phi Delta Chi pharmacy fraternity for many years. As the Assistant Director of the Drug Information Group, Amy served as an informal mentor to other faculty and was quick to help new faculty become oriented and situated. 

Amy approached being a leader and a mentor with an “open door” policy, and she would selflessly pause her work to address others’ needs. Students, residents, and faculty alike would ask her for guidance with career decisions and other professional concerns. Amy was respectful and nonjudgmental in her approach when assisting others whose goals and aspirations may have been different from her own. Her dedication was exemplary in that she worked tirelessly to provide residents and students with quality learning opportunities. She led and coached by example, consciously choosing behaviors that she hoped students and residents would emulate. An active pharmacist member of ICHP, Amy placed emphasis on professional organization involvement and giving back to the profession. Amy’s dedication and generosity to the profession of pharmacy have positively shaped many pharmacists’ careers, and the memory of her will continue to do so. 

Award Criteria:
  • The individual nominated to receive this award must be an ICHP pharmacist, associate or technician member in good standing; 
  • The individual should be an exemplary preceptor, professor and/or mentor of students, residents, pharmacy technicians and/or new practitioners;
  • The individual should be a positive role model for pharmacists, pharmacy students and/or pharmacy technicians;
  • In order to be considered for the award, individuals must have been nominated using the approved nomination form below;
  • More than one person may complete a nomination form for an individual.

To nominate someone for the Amy Lodolce Mentorship Award:
Please provide your name(s), i.e., the name of the nominator(s). (More than one person can nominate a nominee).
Provide the name of the person you are nominating. In addition, the nominee’s curriculum vitae must be included in the nomination package.

Please answer the following questions about the nominee:
  • Is the nominee a member of ICHP?
  • In what capacity have you worked with the nominee?
  • In what ways do you see the nominee working to advance the profession of pharmacy?
  • Give some examples of ways in which this nominee is a model mentor/preceptor.
  • Give some examples in which this nominee has demonstrated a service to community (outside of job responsibilities).
  • How has this nominee impacted your career?

Completed nominations should be sent by July 1, 2021 to

Industry award
The Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists establishes an Industry Award to recognize that individual from industry who over the years has made unique contributions to Health-System pharmacy in the state. Nominations may be submitted by an affiliate chapter or any two individual members of the ICHP. If a nominee is selected to receive the  award, it will be presented at the Annual Meeting. Nominees should meet the following criteria:

The individual has made contributions to the practice of pharmacy in the state of Illinois beyond the scope of duty and responsibility.
The individual has been an effective liaison between Health-System pharmacy practitioners and the manufacturer enabling the manufacturer to respond to new developments in Health-System pharmacy practice.
The individual has encouraged and supported the ICHP over the years by membership, and meeting attendance and participation.

Completed nominations should be sent by July 1, 2021 to

ICHP Technician of the Year Award 
Award Purpose:
The ICHP Pharmacy Technician of the Year Award is established to identify and recognize exceptional performance by a certified pharmacy technician within the State of Illinois.

Award Criteria:
The candidate must:
  • Be a current ICHP technician member,
  • Be a PTCB certified pharmacy technician for at least two years,
  • Demonstrate at least one of the following:
    • exceptional contributions to his/her pharmacy worksite
    • exceptional contributions to ICHP as a volunteer member
    • exceptional contributions to the practice of pharmacy in Illinois
The nominator must:
  • Be the technician’s supervisor, colleague, or co-worker.  No self-nominations will be accepted.
  • Provide the following information:
  • Worksite name, address and telephone number.
  • Technician name and year certified.
  • Describe the technician’s contributions in detail.
  • Provide the nomination to the ICHP office by no later than July 1st.

Selection Process:
  • Deadline for nominations is July 1, 2021.
  • All nominations are reviewed by the Division of Marketing Affairs at their July conference call.
  • The Division will select two finalists for consideration and present them to the ICHP Board of Directors at the July Board Meeting.
  • The ICHP Board of Directors will select the award winner from the two finalists presented by the Division of Marketing Affairs.
  • The Division of Marketing Affairs may recommend one of the two finalists by providing detailed discussion points to the Board of Directors.
  • The Board is not required to select a recipient if no candidate seems qualified.
  • Award:
  • The Award recipient and her/his nominator will be notified immediately following his/her selection by the Board of Directors.
  • The award recipient will receive a complimentary full registration to the ICHP Annual Meeting.
  • The award recipient will receive a plaque to be presented at an appropriately agreed upon time during the ICHP Annual Meeting. 

Remember, the deadline for submissions of all award nominees is July 1, 2021.  

Submissions can be emailed to or submitted through the ICHP website.  



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