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Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Pharmacy
Meet the Executive Board

College Connection

by Sara Gardner, P2, President-Elect; Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville School of Pharmacy

With the start of a new school year, let’s give a warm welcome to our 2020-2021 Executive Board! We can’t wait to get involved with the exciting events that SSHP has to offer.

President: Justin Shiau, P3, served as our President-Elect last year. He has been an invaluable member of our team, and we’re proud to have him as our President! Justin also serves as a Senator for our Student Government, and he is the Director of Communications for IPhO. Justin is excited about our chapter’s Residency “Happy Hour” events! 
Fun Facts: Justin loves to be creative and makes lots of arts and crafts. He is    also fluent in English and Chinese, and can even speak some French!

President-Elect: Sara Gardner, P2, is excited for another year with SSHP! She served as our P1 Liaison last year, and she loved helping P1 students get involved with this great organization. Sara has a strong interest in clinical pharmacy, and she can’t wait to begin pursuing a residency. She is looking forward to starting integrated therapeutics courses this semester!
Fun Facts: Sara is a huge animal lover; she has two cats and a dog. She also plays the drums!

Vice President: Renae Oelrich, P3, currently works at a hospital, and she aspires to continue working in the hospital setting as a pharmacist. Renae became involved with SSHP to learn about ways to reach her goals in health systems pharmacy. Renae also serves as the Secretary for Rho Chi. 
Fun Facts: Renae has a two-year-old beagle named Chester, and she makes the best chocolate cupcakes ever!

Secretary: Lesley Swick, P3, aspires to pursue a residency after graduation. She appreciates that SSHP makes it a mission to prepare its members for post-graduation opportunities. Lesley also serves as the Vice President for Rho Chi, the Membership Vice President for APhA-ASP, and a Student Ambassador!
Fun Facts: Lesley has never been on a plane, but she loves to travel. She would love to visit Australia!

Treasurer: Hadizat Olagunju, P2, has always wanted to pursue a career as a pharmacist in a clinical practice setting, and she aspires to work in a hospital as a pharmacist. She knows that being a member of SSHP will help build a bridge toward achieving this goal. Hadizat is looking forward to all of the fun activities and events that SSHP has planned this year! 
Fun Facts: Hadizat has three siblings, and she is the oldest. She loves to dance and travel!

Fundraising Chair: Brittany Holshouser, P2, is excited to be a member of SSHP! She would love to pursue a career as a pharmacist in a hospital setting, and she hopes to match with a residency program during her 4th year. Brittany also serves as the President-Elect for APhA-ASP. Brittany is looking forward to the day that we can safely return to campus and be in a classroom setting again! 
Fun Facts: Brittany had braces for seven years straight, and she was accidentally named after Britney Spears!

Membership Chair: Janki Vyas, P3, served as our Community Chair last year, and she did a great job! She is interested in pursuing a career in hospital pharmacy after graduation, and she knows that the networking opportunities made available by SSHP will have a positive impact on her career. Janki also serves as the Director of National Engagement for IPhO. She is excited to meet the new members of our E-Board, and to help think of new project ideas! 
Fun Facts: Janki is a vegetarian, and she has never tasted meat in her entire life!

Professional Practice Chair: William Stephens, P3, has developed an interest for hospital pharmacy both from his experience as a student technician at a hospital, and from taking therapeutics courses. SSHP has been another way for him to connect to the world of clinical pharmacy. Will is excited to finish up his therapeutics courses and take his first steps toward pursuing a residency! 
Fun Facts: Will loves to play disc golf, fish, and play video games!

Community Chair: Miguel Alvarez, P3, plans to pursue a residency program after graduating from SIUE. Miguel also serves as the President of PPAG. He is looking forward to taking a pediatrics course this year, as well as attending the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and the PPAG Annual Meeting! 
Fun Facts: Miguel is half Filipino, and he likes to play bass guitar!

ICHP Liaison: Korinne Frankford, P3, knew before she began pharmacy school that she wanted to be involved with hospital pharmacy in some aspect of her career. That led her to join SSHP! Kori has served as the Secretary of the Class of 2022. She is looking forward to getting to know more about SSHP outside of the student level.  
Fun Facts: Kori has an undergraduate degree in Spanish, and although she has not been outside of the continental United States, she hopes to travel more and perhaps live in another country!

ASHP Liaison: Bobby Dedo, P3, is interested in pursuing a residency and ultimately a clinical pharmacy position, and he knows that SSHP provides opportunities to better prepare for that endeavor. Bobby serves as the Historian for Rho Chi, and is also the Operation Immunization Chair for SNPhA. He is looking forward to playing an active role in patient care and other volunteer events set to be offered throughout the upcoming year! 
Fun Fact: Bobby can play the saxophone! ■



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