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Board of Pharmacy News

The November Illinois Board of Pharmacy Meeting was held on Tuesday, November 9th in the James R. Thompson Center in Chicago. The following are the highlights of that meeting.NABP/AACP District IV MeetingSeveral board members were headed to this annual... Read More

Medication Reconciliation: The Journey to the Goal

Last February, a sigh of relief was heard throughout our nation’s hospitals when The Joint Commission (TJC) announced it would not issue Requirement for Improvement (RFI) citations in 2009 for non-compliance with the Medication Reconciliation Nat... Read More

H1N1 Resources for you!

As the H1N1 flu begins its second round in the U.S. and specifically in Illinois, ICHP has compiled a list of resources for practitioners on the Professional Practice Home Page.  Click here to keep up to date and visit regularly for new materials! Read More

Innovative Practice: Pharmacist and Technician Competencies

Competence is defined as the state or quality of being adequately or well qualified, or having the ability to perform a specific role. It encompasses a combination of knowledge, skills, and behavior utilized to improve performance.1The Joint Commis... Read More

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